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What is unique about Deaf North Yoga?

First, I must say to simply be a Deaf Yoga teacher after 20 years of navigating the yoga world, finding yoga teachers that were willing to work with me as a deaf person, or programs that were accessible, this finally feels good. Deaf North Yoga was not set up yesterday. It has been in practice for years. In 2001, I (Jessalyn) was teaching yoga in studios, at community education centers, at conferences, at the deaf club way before Yoga even was known by a majority of people or before it became popular and studios like Core Power, and so forth were set up.

The Goal has always been that Yoga should be accessible to everyone. I knew first hand the barriers of having access to the practice. I remember the doors shutting on me. I recall the hard time being given because I expressed a specific need. I remember how much the yoga community was not aware about adapting their practices. The goal has always been to create an accessible yoga class for all who are deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

I was teaching at specific locations that would be an hour drive for some individuals. They did the drive. I felt bad, some winters were really bad. However; it was apparent the need for self-care, health, and wellness benefits that Yoga gave to the students. The goal has always been to continue to provide accessible Yoga to everyone.

COVID. Due to COVID, I needed to rethink how I would teach yoga. I began the online classes. Everyone needed to adapt. People were stuck at home. Many decided to adapt to the concept of online classes. Reflecting, people love this, minus the drive, snowy roads and the opportunity to practice in their own homes. It has been almost one year now. We have over 78 people participate in Deaf North Yoga, as well as over 50 regular members.

What is unique about Deaf North Yoga.

We believe that every individual that comes to practice at Deaf North Yoga is valued. We respect their process. We use trauma informed approach in our teachings. Deaf North Yoga has students from age 12 to 72 in the class. We offer a variety of classes so that you can choose what best fits you. At Deaf North Yoga, we are not a class, that just operates with people in it. We are a class that values each student. We do our best to engage with you, guide you, have discussions, provide feedback and care for you as you travel your journey.

At Deaf North Yoga, your yoga journey is yours. We do not tell you what you can and can't do. We encourage you to find your home with us. We offer our support before/after class. We engage you in daily inspirations, posts and we are a community that supports one and another.

The best part of Deaf North Yoga is that we invite teachers from all over to teach with us. We know that to grow as a yogi, learning from different teachers, learning different styles gives direction in your yoga path.

We hope you consider joining our yoga community, finding your space here with us.

A Deaf North yoga class on the beach

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