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Be still my heart, JULY.

As many venture out doing their Summer plans or catching up after a year of COVID, we offer gentle reminders to make time for you.

Breath Awareness every moment you can.

Simply matching your breath with movement creates joyous wonders for the body.

Mind over matters. What you think, matters. Fill that head of yours with good thoughts, cheering yourself on, lifting yourself up, and passing no judgement on you.

Ground yourself. It can be as simple as placing your feet (all four corners) flat on the ground, feeling the earth below you.

Be your own Tree. It doesn't matter how your branches look, if your trunk is crooked, the type of tree you are, what your leaves look like. Stand tall, rooted into your beliefs, reach high, grow and reach for what attracts you, grow with what nurtures you. In all of this- Know you are enough.

Find Joy in the little things. A wave to a neighbor, a walk by yourself, the goofy look on your dogs face, the birds that visit often, the tomato plants that are growing, your yoga community that you see daily, the ability to move, and all that good stuff.

Hydrate: Yes, have fun but HYDRATE. Water is your best friend. Add mint, fruit or even cucumbers to create a new refreshing taste. If you can drink it slightly warm once in awhile.

Nap: Outside on a chair, a hammock in the park, with your fur babies, on the porch, the couch, with your kids. That power nap for ten minutes will do you wonders with renewed energy.

Be still my heart, July, most of all make memories, cultivate peace, and enjoy every moment.

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