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Join us for Earth Day Yoga session with Tanya, Jessalyn and Laura.

Date: April 23rd, 2022

Time: 9:00 a.m. CST

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Class outline: Welcome by Jessalyn Akerman-Frank

Yoga Beginning with Laura Perez:

Yoga brings people and communities together as we become in tune with our bodies and our environment. Mindfulness on the mat leads to mindfulness off the mat.

Earth day Intentions. We will give gratitude to earth with our breath, let the earth’s energy flow through your body, let your feet connect to the earth and give and receive love to the earth.

We will begin with Mountain pose for grounding.

Focus on our breath.

Center ourselves

Loosen our body.

Side Stretches.

Standing tall stretch back (Allowing energy from the sky to seep into your heart)

Forward folds

½ Sun Sal sequence.

Yoga Middle with Tanya:

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to explore this mindset, as we look for an easy way to give back to our life sustaining planet. Every moment we are nourished and blessed by the abundant gifts of the Earth, and on this particular day, we have the chance to give gratitude back to the source! This is a special chance to develop lasting rituals in your yoga practice and in your life that nurture an eco-centric approach to everyday living and have potential to last all year long.

We will do:

Line pose



Dolphin/Down dog



Warrior 2/Reverse warrior

Yoga Closing with Jessalyn:

“The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” You are invited to join me on the floor laying on your back in corpse position with knees up and feet planted.

*Move your knees and legs right and left feeling your feet grounded in the earth, lifting it for air, depending on your side by side stretches.

*Supine Spinal Twists with Both Sides

* Supine Spinal Twists with both legs and arms

*Corpse position

I Invite you to lay on your back for cool down in Savasana pose. Let’s set our intention of how you want to connect with the Earth, planting it like a seed in your consciousness.

I am grateful for this beautiful earth that is my (HOME), and I will do my best to treat her in the same way I would like to be treated with love, honor, integrity and kindness.

*Seated position


Join me in embracing our Earth, visualizing yourselves as grounded trees in this thing called Life. Allowing your branches to reach for the elements of this Earth that nurture us, may it be sun, the water, the stars, may it be the energy, the soil, or the nutrients of other humans that feed our minds, and souls with love, positivity, support, laughter, tears and joy.

We will close by asking you to join us in closing.

I am the Earth and the Earth is me.

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Any questions? Email at

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