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Nature, you got us.

This month our yoga community and regular yogis have been focusing on incorporating Nature as part of our Yoga Journey.

We had a recent experience with Yoga at the Lake with one of our Yoga teachers. In the beginning of the month, another teacher taught Yoga by the Ocean. Many Yogis are taking their yoga practice outside.

Benefits of Yoga in Nature.

* Healing energy of the Earth

* Scenery

* Aroma

* Grounding

* Seeing animals, birds, creatures.

* Sun rise or Sun set.

The overall experience may be different for everyone but ask any Yogi, and you will know that the experience is surreal.

One thing Deaf North is proud of this month is that we have Yogis who turned 70 this year and are doing 80 Sun Sals, headstands and are in amazing shape. Their flexibility, stamina, energy, mobility has increased and improved for the past two years of doing Yoga. These are some impressive Yogis.

Deaf North values EVERY person, EVERY age, EVERY experience and welcomes ALL. You do not have to wear the expensive clothes, you do not have to be able to keep up for the full 60 minutes, you do not have to worry about learning, asking questions and coming as yourself. At Deaf North, we are human centered and our students who spend their time with us, guide our paths. (Maybe they do not know it, but they do). Deaf North Yoga teachers are always checking in, adding themes to engage members, adding some fun events like the push up challenge, and creating opportunities to connect.

Every week, Deaf North members ( and we admit we spoil them), will get a message daily on email that gives them some information for the day, the links plus maybe even some fun reading for the morning or the night. You don't see this on the portal, but when you become a member , you are part of our Yoga family and we take care of you.

We have a full week of classes ahead!

We offer classes Monday-Friday at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Check out to see what classes are being offered this week.

Our get in touch with nature this week is about HUGGING A TREE!

Send in your Tree Hugging Experience and tell us how it went for you!

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