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Ground yourself with the Power of "5".

Everyone has a grounding activity that works or does not work for them. Here is the power of five.

Feeling hurried? Overwhelmed? Need to focus? Need to find your center? Use the power of five as a grounding activity to feel better about your current space, to ignite your senses to give you calmness and relief.

Disclosure: As a Deaf person, I replace hearing with a different form of sense, an example, instead of hearing things, I will visualize their sounds or I will choose another sense that feels empowering to me that day.

Try this: Find yourself in your car, walking, near a tree, in your room, on the patio or wherever you may be. Take deep breath (inhale)....(exhale).....

Sit comfortable in your space and begin with focus your varying senses on your space around you.

Suggested practice: After you name one thing as part of the "Power of", take a deep breath. You can use the regular inhale/exhale or you can use Yogic breath of inhale/exhale through the nose only.

SEE: Power of 5- Look around you for five things. Example: I see birds flying in my tree. I see trees rustling to a very slight and easy breeze.

SMELL: Power of 4- Name four things that you smell. I smell the lavender from my garden. I smell the onions from the kitchen.

TASTE: Power of 3- Name three things that you taste. I can taste the water I just drank. I can taste rain drops from the sky. I can taste my morning coffee.

TOUCH : Power of 2- Go ahead around you, and touch two things and name them.

HEAR: Power of 1- If comfortable naming something that you "hear", go ahead and name it, if you would prefer, you can repeat one more Power of 1. Ex. I can hear when deaf people get one and another's attention and stomp on the floor.

Now, after doing all of that, go ahead and return to your space. Name the current space that you are in.

I am here, outside, in my yard, near my tree. I am here.

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