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Happy Birthday Deaf North!

Two years ago, we decided to go online due to the pandemic. Best decision ever.

Deaf North launched their official online services after twenty years of teaching across Minnesota, other states and other countries. The pandemic left many of us uncertain how to maintain our personal journeys with yoga, self-care and mental health. Offering Yoga, Self-Care and other online classes was a way for our community to stay connected and to take care of ourselves.

See some videos from different participants who have been with Deaf North Yoga since we opened.

A video with Albert Walla, Deaf North Yogi.

A video with Allon, A Deaf North Yogi from D.C.

A video with Deaf North Yogi, Johanna from California.

A video with Deaf North Yogi, Dee.

Deaf North Yoga has three Yoga teachers that are currently teaching online. Tanya from Houston Texas, Laura from Minnesota and Jessalyn from Minnesota. All teachers offer a different teaching style, classes and taught in American Sign Language. Join us for a class by going to our website or email us at

We have lots to celebrate. These Yogis make a difference in our yoga community and bring forth the energy, and their presence to create a space where we all can enjoy Yoga together. We are so grateful

With Gratitude,

Chief Inspiration Officer, Jessalyn Akerman-Frank and Deaf North Deaf Yoga Teacher

Laura Perez, Deaf North ASL Yoga Teacher

Tanya Arrington , Deaf North DeafBlind Yoga Teacher

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