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This month we have been working through this mantra of ours, Peace Love, Laughter and Play. This week, we are focusing on LOVE.

Peace, Love, Laughter and Play

When you see the word LOVE, what comes to mind?

Write your words, thoughts, feelings.

(Space for you to write) (Email for the worksheet)

May you set intentions for your week, channeling your inner peace, and creating a space that is uniquely yours.

When setting intentions- Allow yourself to say/think/feel what you want. Tell it to the Universe. "I want to feel amazing this week". I want to wake up every morning with my heart full of gratitude. I want to be able to use my inner resources to overcome any challenges. I want to .....

Think about it. Feel it. Believe it. Breathe it.

This week- we are focusing on LOVE. What a word with so many meanings.

Love for yourself.

Love for others.

Love for our Earth.

Love for our animals.

Love for our Elders.

Love for our children.

Love for our Trees.

Love for food.

Love for the simple things.

Love for the great things.

Love for Mother nature.

Love for our friends.

Love for our homes.

Love for our families.

LOVE- gives so many thoughts, emotions, feelings, expressions, and abilities.

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. (google).

Rate your own Self- Love

1.Being not at all.

3-Being yes, a little big but not enough

5- Being yes, I fully engage in Self- Love practices.

Write your number.

Most of the time, I appreciate who I am. (1/3/5)

Most of the time, I put myself first. (1/3/5)

Most of the time, I do not cross my own personal boundaries to please others. (1/3/5/)

Most of the time, I understand that to love others, I must first love myself. (1/3/5)

Most of the time, I nurture my self-love by giving myself a break when I need it. (1/3/5)

Now add it up.


5 or less-

What can you do to change this rating so that you appreciate you?


You recognize you are important, you may have a balance, but what can you do to give yourself more?


You know that you are of value, you recognize a balance, and how can you maintain your commitment to you?

This week’s intentions. Last week, we created a personal peace mantra. This week, we will set personal goal to become more aware of how we love ourselves.

Make a list of 5 ways you currently show yourself self-love. (If you can’t name five go ahead with what you have.)






Make a list of five ways you wish you would show yourself LOVE.






Are there any barriers to your showing or practicing more self-love?




Let’s pick one way you will choose to show yourself more Self-Love this week with INTENTION.

So, what did you decide?

May peace , LOVE, laughter and play be with you.


Deaf North Yoga

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