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October is the welcoming of releasing the old, and preparing for the new. The cycle of change, and a gentle reminder from NATURE to always pay attention.

“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” -Rumi

Image: Park with trees on both sides of the sidewalk. There are park benches. The leaves are orange and red.

Trees don't hold onto their leaves year after year, instead they have faith in the process and let go. We need to do the same. Let go. Renew .Unwind.

How will you shed your Leaves? What does it mean to let go of what no longer serves you?

Are there things in your life that are just happening because you feel obligated to it? Are there things in you life that just dragging you down instead of lifting you up? Is there something that you have been carrying with you but you are ready to let go of? Are there connections with friends that no longer positive for you? Is there a habit that doing more negative than positive for you?

Image: Hand holding two items of Autumn. In left hand, a nut. In right hand, a orange colored leaf.

What if you decided that one of these leaves were to "fall" and no longer exist in your life? What would the worst thing be? What good would come of it? Would you feel lighter? Would your moods change? Could something new show up? Could this be a way to heal? Could this be a new beginning?

As you navigate this Fall season, be open to all it has to offer you. If you open your mind, your heart and your soul, all things are possible. Letting go is the Art of making and creating space in your soul to grow.

Deaf North Yoga welcomes you to join us this Fall as a monthly Member for $45.00.

We have four teachers this October. We have added Monday Night Meditation Classes.

Jessalyn Akerman-Frank, Chief Inspiration Officer and Deaf Yoga Teacher

Tanya Arrington , DeafBlind Yoga Teacher

Laura Perez, ASL Yoga Teacher

Jessica Humphrey, ASL Meditation Teacher

How do I sign up?

As always if you are experiencing financial hardship and wish to participate, email us at

If you are a DeafBlind participant that would like to participate but needs DB Interpreter or SSP, please email us at

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