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Pandemic: We did the unthinkable.

The Pandemic started, but Self-Care was needed. The Deafblind community asked how we, at Deaf North could help minimize isolation and to encourage safe practices of Self-care, Yoga and Mindfulness. We did it. We as a community raised money to support Zoom online classes and with SSP/DB Interpreters who were vaccinated and wore masks. We did this with many contributing Volunteers who gave of their time and their money.

Now, we are nearing the end of the Pandemic, or many of us have vaccines but our work must continue. We want to thank EVERYONE who donated to the DeafBlind Project and made this possible. Watch for upcoming videos from our participants on how this made a difference in their lives.

As the Chief Inspiration Officer and founder, Jessalyn always says: Yoga should be accessible to EVERYONE.

We would like to thank the following sponsors:

Darlene Zangara

Anne Sittner Anderson

Laura Perez

Albert Walla

Becky Thomas

Patrick Vellia

Lindsey Moon

Kaitlyn Mielke

John Wilson

Cathy Coon

Lys Akerman-Frank

Kathy Manlapas

Pam W.

James Paul Beldon


Jessica Kennedy

Kristine Foreman

Migdalia Rogers

Karen Sheldon

Megan Bolduc

Emily Engel

Val Zimmer

Kellie Gillepie

Heather Synder

Mary Catherine

Kellie Bruns

Debbie Golos

Dee Ramnarie

Allyson Perling

Waymon Hudson

*There were several who asked to be kept private. We thank all of you for your donations this past year! If we forgot your name, please notify us and we will update the page.

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