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The DeafBlind Yoga Project

Many of you have asked what this is about. It started a year ago attending one of the local DeafBlind community events as a guest teacher.

We had over 40 DeafBlind Attendees, 25 SSP/DB/CF Interpreters and it was my first time ever teaching a group of DB individuals Yoga. It was more of a teaching experience and moment for me than it was for them. However; I was inspired, overjoyed, and had new intention in my yoga journey that day. Again, it goes back to Yoga should be accessible to ALL. Imagine, many individuals have never experienced meditation. They have never experienced the benefits of yoga, stretching and breathing. For them, this was an overwhelming sense of using a variety of senses, and the feelings were good. For me, I was near tears because I saw their faces, their joy and discovery. More so ,when we did laughing yoga, I loved their approach. Feeling everyone in the room, giggling, laughing, hugging and tickling.

As a result of this, we raised money to host 8 week DB Yoga class through Zoom paying for all access needs and paying for the DB Yoga participant's class as well.

Picture of zoom class for DeafBlind Yoga
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