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The JAR.


The JAR activity may cause silliness, adult play, fun, laughter and happiness. Deaf North is not responsible for any enjoyment that may happen while participating in the JAR. The participant agrees that any silliness, fun, laughter and happiness is owned by the person participating. Participate in the JAR at your own risk.

How was the JAR invented? Yoga teacher, Jessalyn when her boys were young would have family time where the Jar was filled with paper strips of ideas, pictures, or words of things that each of them hope we could do as a family, or wanted to do and never had the opportunity yet. One cool thing about participating in the JAR was that the person who's idea, was able to lead the activity and guide us through how the activity or day went. As the years, went by, the JAR was also used to continue to connect our growing up and teen kids, and to participate in family activities.

Supplies needed:



Something to write with ( preferably colors or markers)

Set up time /date to participate in the Jar

Your first JAR meeting as a family, or as an Adult with friends or yourself.

  1. Decide on the agreed rules of the Jar.

  2. What are the parameters or limits of the Jar? Ex. if a person's idea happens two times in a row, or if a person's jar idea costs money, or if a person's jar idea may be an activity that is not comfortable for everyone.

  3. What day will the Jar event happen? Ex. Every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. at breakfast time.

  4. How do you decide who goes first with the Jar?

  5. Decide on how many strips of paper each person will contribute.

  6. Where will the JAR be placed?

  7. Can I add more ideas to the JAR that come to my head during the week?

General Rules of the JAR:

Everyone must agree to participate in some way or format.

The Jar strips have one of the criteria (Fun, Play. Laughter, Time spent with family or friends or getting silly.

Suggested additions after your first JAR event:

  1. Discuss what you liked/enjoyed.

  2. What did you learn from the opportunity.

  3. What criteria was met? Was it forced? Did it come naturally?

We hope that your "THE JAR" experience was as fulfilling as ours, and that your family, yourself or you with your friends find all the simple wonders of life from it.

The simple things are free- Laughter. Play. Connections with family, friends or self. Being Silly.

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