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What is a Deaf Health Coach?

Meet 2 Deaf Heath coaches who will share their health journeys with us.

Kristen Chapman and Sonya Rawson.

Meet Kristen-

Image description: A person wearing a colored cap with sunglasses. She is wearing a grey tank top with the words HEALTHY on it. She has white shorts on and is standing in water.

Kristen's Bio:

  • Kristen Chapman

  • Wife, Mama to 4 children, & Health Coach

  • Family, health/fitness, cooking, travel, meeting people, and FUN

  • My ULTIMATE goal is to support clients to reach a healthy weight while developing healthy habits to incorporate a healthy lifestyle

  • Achieved helping so many people become confident, feel better about themselves, and understand nutrition!

Kristen's video:

Video transcription:

Hello! My name is Kristen Chapman. I currently live in Maryland. I was born Deaf in a hearing family along with a deaf sibling. I went to mainstream school until I entered Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) in Washington, DC, then straight to Gallaudet University. I have moved around a few times before settling down here in Maryland near DC. I am honored to present to you how I landed my dream job as a health coach. I decided to become a health coach to keep myself accountable, inspire others to take back their health, and create great relationships and friendships. I have been doing this for over a year now and have learned so much. I wake up each day staying motivated AND helping others to become a better version of themselves. The Habits of Healthy system was launched by Dr. Wayne Andersen a little more than a decade ago. I will briefly cover:
  • Habits of healthy weight management

  • Habits of healthy eating and hydration

  • Habits of healthy motion

  • Habits of healthy sleep

  • Habits of healthy mind

  • Habits of healthy surroundings

I look forward to your Q&A! I will also provide a free health assessment for anyone interested and set individual consultation with no obligations. Look forward! Meet Sonya Rawson:

Image description:

Two photos side by side. Photo on the left (Sonya) with curly brown long hair, black tank top with white shorts and black stripes. She has glasses on her shirt and is holding her cell phone. Image on the right, Sonya with curly brown long hair, with a long sleeve white shirt and black pans. Words in the middle say : Average weight loss on the optional weight 5 and 1 plan is 12 pounds. clients are in wight loss, on an average for 12 weeks. On the right- words say Word Swag.

Sonya's bio:

*CEO of Rawson Health - Health Coach, Wife and Mom of Twin Girls

*My fire/passion is to help transform lives by incorporating habits of health and maintaining healthy lifestyle!

*Succeeded in working with many individuals from the age of 20’s - 70’s and with health issues to achieve their goals of optimal health and are maintaining them.

*Fun fact about me: I come from Norwegian/Italian Deaf family!

Video of Sonya:

Video Transcription:

A little background history: Born and raised in Northwest Washington. Grown up in mainstream schools. Received BS degree in Exercise Science and MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from Western Washington University. Have an extensive range of experience in working in the service field including serving drinks and food, working with people with disabilities including physical and mental - 7+ years as a physical therapy assistant, and working 5+ years as an esthetician. Now, I have finally landed at my dream job! A healthy trilogy of healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances! Literally 2 weeks after I joined this program to lose 20lbs, I was blowned with the results. I became a believer of this program! And thus, wanted to share this with everyone! And here I am! I wake up each and every day with gratitude and spread the love through conversations with people! Through daily personal growth, it is YOU that matters. Hop on this path among positive like minded community! We team coach YOU to ensure you are getting what is needed through this journey. YOU develop habits of health in 6 different ways. One step at a time. The choice is YOURS to conquer! Seize the opportunity!



Time: Mar 7, 2022 06:45 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 840 2391 1858

Passcode: 981358

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