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Join us for 108 Salutations. This class will be led by Yoga teacher, Laura Perez. There will be a short warm up and then the session will begin. Some use a chair for the session and some without. Come and stay as long as you want, take as many breaks as you need, participate for a short time or stay the entire time.

Time: 7:00 a.m. until we are done.

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Through the day, we will post photos of different rituals that our community members practice on this day!

The Winter Solstice is a time of year that has been celebrated for millennia, across cultures and continents. This year, the Winter Solstice falls on December 21.

The energy of the Winter Solstice is vibrant, celebratory, illuminating, and deeply reflective. Although this opportunity to go inward falls on the busy holiday season, even just a few reflective hours alone can help ease the transition through the season.

What Is the Winter Solstice?

Occurring between December 21-24 each year, the Winter Solstice (northern hemisphere) is the shortest day of the year, and the longest night.

The Winter Solstice marks a return to light from the darkness that we experience . . . within ourselves and in nature.

During about a 3-day period, the sun rises and sets at the same point on the horizon, appearing to stand still. Cultures have long honored this significant return of the light, longer days, and a retreat from the darkness that preceded it.

You can celebrate the Winter Solstice through rituals and ceremonies that can help you amplify your own vibration and more deeply align with the energy of the changing seasons and release unwanted darkness that is no longer serving you.

Celebrate the Winter Solstice With These Rituals :

The seasonal transition from fall to winter is a time to reflect and go within. While it’s a tough transition for many, there are ways we can embrace the changing seasons. Try these rituals to celebrate the Winter Solstice and help you ease into the transition of seasons.

1. Burn a List of Things to Release

Release to rise. What do you need to let go of to expand into your truest self?

Is it fear? Stress? Worry? Regret? A lack-based mentality? After you have your list, read it aloud, take a moment to genuinely say goodbye to each item, and toss it in the fireplace or another fire-safe vestibule.

Let Go and Move On

2. Invite the Light Back Into Your Life

Reflect on what the light means to you. What makes you feel illuminated? How do you feel when basked in the glow of the sun? How do you remind others of their radiance? Who reminds you of yours?

While the darkness may be cozy to get comfortable in, it is no place to stay for a long period of time.

When you’ve thought about this or made a list, say aloud, “Welcome back sun!” and envision a bright white light glowing from your heart center.

3. Nourish Your Body With Grounding and Warming Foods

Mother Nature knows what our bodies need to thrive. She ripens fruits and vegetables at just the right time throughout the year so that we can gain the vitamins, minerals, and energy from our food that we may be lacking.

Warm the body from the inside out to stoke the light within.

Winter calls for root vegetables, thick stews and soups, and spices such as ginger and turmeric. This will also help boost immunity. Eat up to warm up.

4. Light a Giant Log In the Fireplace

Traditionally, a yule log is hoisted in the fireplace to illuminate and warm the home. This is also a symbolic offering of light to welcome back the sun.

Gather around the fireplace and enjoy each other’s company with the warmth of the fire and the comfort that spring is just around the corner. The earth is coming back to life.

5. Bless a Tree

While not every home may have a real tree during the holidays, and even fewer cut their own live tree down, it is still a beautiful ritual to bless a tree and honor its sacrifice and presence.

You can sprinkle the branches and trunk with red wine or apple cider while taking a moment to give thanks to nature for filling your home with the soothing scent and the festive vibes. Decorate your tree with ornaments from the heart that make you smile.

6. Give Back

The holiday season is a time that many are reminded of how blessed, fortunate, loved, and supported they are. But for many, this is a time of lack, loss, pain, and scarcity.

If you find yourself with abundance and the desire to share your blessings, give back to those with less by volunteering, purchasing gifts for families, donating food, or performing random acts of kindness. Your efforts will illuminate someone’s darkness and remind them that there is always light to be found.

***There will be ebbs and flows throughout the year and you can draw on these same rituals to invite the light into your life and ease through any transition, not just seasonal.

Follow us all day tomorrow as we post photos on facebook, instagram and our email list of different rituals that you can do.

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